Advanced Robot Manipulators Lab

Welcome to our lab website!

We are a robotics research group interested in building intelligent and advanced robot manipulators to assist complex tasks in our daily lives.


Research Focus

Our research are motivated by impactful applications:

  • Manipulators (flexible surgical instruments) in minimally invasive surgery
  • Manipulators (bio-inspired continuum arms) in field applications such as search and rescue
  • Manipulators (hands and end-effectors) in remotely-assisted tasks such as space and marine robotics


Our research contributes to interesting theoretical interests:

  • Unconventional compliant manipulators such as snake-like and elephant trunk: mechanism designs, kinematic & dynamics modeling, control & estimation.
  • Collaborative robot manipulators: force and motion control.
  • Human-in-the-loop manipulation and teleoperation: supervised autonomy, and leader-follower model-mediated telamanipulation