Advanced Robot Manipulators Lab

Welcome to our lab website!

We are a robotics research group interested in building intelligent and advanced robot manipulators to assist complex tasks in our daily lives.


Research Focus

We believe our future works can contribute to many applications:

  • Manipulators (surgical instruments) in minimally invasive surgery
  • Manipulators in field applications such as search and rescue
  • Manipulators in remotely-assisted tasks such as space and marine robotics


These applications motivate research theoretical interests:

  • Unconventional compliant manipulators such as snake-like and elephant trunk: mechanism designs, kinematic & dynamics modeling, control & estimation.
  • Collaborative robot manipulators: force and motion control.
  • Human-in-the-loop manipulation and teleoperation: supervised autonomy, and master-slave model-mediated telamanipulation
  • Underactuated robotic hands: mechanism design, design optimization, and modeling & simulation.